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A global talent consultancy network shows interest in the Finnish Capability Design™ method

SpenglerFox, a talent consultancy network with a reach of 40 countries, has recently agreed on a partnership with the Finnish capability agency, Bridge Impact, as part of their strategy to expand their international affiliate partner network.

“Our clients expect us to deliver ground-breaking solutions to them, wherever in the world they operate. This requires both flexibility and agility. We expect our global affiliate partners to manage our clients’ expectations with the same care and deliver unparalleled quality,” explains Peter Szabo, Head of Affiliates, SpenglerFox.

According to Finland’s first capability agency, Bridge Impact, any company’s strategy will only be realized if the personnel have the right capabilities to implement it. Affiliation to a global partner network enables the utilization of their Capability Design™ method in training, direct search, internal recruitment and career planning internationally.

At the heart of the capability model is strategy

”We find out what are the most critical capabilities for the implementation of the strategy. The employee capabilities must be in line with the goals,” says Kari Paananen, Partner, Bridge Impact. The company’s services are used especially in connection with strategic reforms, but also in other change situations, such as key personnel recruitments.

When SpenglerFox decided to expand its network to Finland, Bridge Impact was a natural choice of a preferred partner.

“Our shared values, their entrepreneurial approach and innovation via their Capability Design™ methodology were a perfect fit to our own approach to clients. Bridge Impact has proven to be the right choice for us, and we are delighted to have them in our Global Alliance,” Peter Szabo concludes.

The co-operation has been bolstered by BusinessFinland, which provides innovation financing and internationalization services.

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