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Finns are forerunners in cleantech innovations

The construction industry is facing pressure, as both domestic regulations and EU directives are tightened towards more environmental conscious practices. The Finnish cleantech innovation DSS Solution offers building companies a durable sheltering wall solution cost-effectively.

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Smileys are improving your travel experience

Did you spot the funky Smiley Terminals at the airport? The second fastest growing Finnish company, HappyOrNot, has spread its wings globally. Situated already in over 100 airports internationally, the Smiley Terminals and Web Smileys are providing companies with instant customer satisfaction reporting.

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Why risk your clients’ and personnel’s health when you can fight back with ISKU+ antimicrobial design furniture?

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Tailored vessels for Norwegian fishing industry

Safety, ergonomics and durability are the criteria that Norwegian fish processing industry expects from their work boats. Finnish Weldmec Marine has responded to that demand and has designed new purpose built aluminium boats, which fulfill the high Norwegian standards.

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A green choice in ventilation

Helsinki-based AirD designs, manufactures and sells decorative and intelligent ventilation head units. The ground-breaking HVAC solution stands out from traditional ventilation vents and grilles thanks to its stylish, customizable design that also ensure good interior air quality with the company’s own patented technology.

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gravity of excellence

The gravity of excellence

Did you know that the world’s leading manufacturer of active monitoring loudspeakers is based in the small town of Iisalmi, Finland? Genelec aims for the highest possible quality of sound, functional design and sustainable development.

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wireless world

Building the wireless world with 5G

With 40 years’ experience in developing market-ready products, the city of Oulu Finland possesses an indisputably leading knowledge base in information and communication technologies and related operations. With 12,500 professionals working in companies of various sizes and backgrounds, the city is one of the true hotspots when it comes to wirelessly connecting people and businesses.

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Tolotech Brought the Door into the Cloud

If you lost your keys in the last millennium, the only option was to call the janitor. Now, thanks to the internet breakthrough, access control has gradually moved towards web-based access passes.

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