Mikko Välimäki and Szabolcs Szakacsits want to make technologies work better together for the good of everyone. Photo: Milka Alanen/Presser Oy

Giving people freedom of choice

Tuxera’s software for data storage challenges the big software ecosystems in favor of the consumer.

Text: Susan Fourtané and Tiffiny Rossi

By 2020, analysts at Gartner estimate there will be 20.8 billion connected devices worldwide. These Internet of Things (IoT) devices use various operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux to name a few.

If you choose all your devices from the same brand or ecosystem – for example, you use an iPhone, an iPad, and a Macbook – the devices share data between them easily. However, for the consumer who would like to mix and match device brands and operating systems – say, use an iPhone with a Chromecast – challenges would exist if it were not for technologies and software to make them work well together. That is where Tuxera comes in.

“It is possible to mix storages and devices no matter the brand.”

Headquartered in Helsinki, this under-the-hood Finnish software company operates in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Its open-plan, pleasantly decorated office is the setting where 70 employees from about 20 different nationalities contribute to the success and growth of the company. Their defining common value: a passion for improving people’s lives through technology. Together, they develop local storage software that makes it possible to reliably store, access, and share any type of data between any type of device.

Power to the people

Tuxera provides storage software to global electronics and car manufacturers such as LG, BMW, Samsung, and many others. They also have long-standing partnerships with software giants such as Microsoft. “Because our software is standard in all devices, it is possible to mix devices and storage media, no matter the brand,” says Mikko Välimäki, CEO of Tuxera. “The inclusion of Tuxera’s software in consumer electronics gives people freedom of choice,” adds Szabolcs Szakacsits, President and CTO. ”They have the option to try brands and choose what is the best for them. We make this possible,” he smiles. 

Making things work together

To get a better sense of what Tuxera does, here is a simple real-life example. If you use a smartphone or an action camera for recording videos, you are also likely using an SD card to store those videos. Tuxera’s software brings support for the SD card to ensure your videos are reliably stored. You can then plug the same SD card into your Macbook or even your smart TV. Thanks to Tuxera’s software, all those devices will recognize the SD card so you can watch the videos and record new content with another device.

Whether it is critical data or just your best vacation pics, everything collected on your connected devices needs reliable, local storage that is accessible on any device. Tuxera’s software does that. Together with their partners all across the consumer electronics industry, Tuxera gives you more freedom to choose the right brand of connected device for the right purpose.

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