Almost every fourth traveler provides feedback on their travel path at the airport.

Smileys are improving your travel experience

Did you spot the funky Smiley Terminals at the airport? The second fastest growing Finnish company, HappyOrNot, has spread its wings globally. Situated already in over 100 airports internationally, the Smiley Terminals and Web Smileys are providing companies with instant customer satisfaction reporting.

Were you happy with the service at the check-in today? How about baggage-claim, security check, or the lounge experience? By simply pressing one of the four smiley buttons on the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal, customers can easily influence the service level they receive. “We provide a low threshold feedback service. The real-time data on customer satisfaction can have an immediate influence on, for example, the tidiness of the toilets at the airports,” explains Ms. Kirsti Laasio, responsible for Global Marketing and Business Development at HappyOrNot.

“Thanks to the real-time reporting, companies can better plan their staffing and physical work stations”

“Our service is a pulse meter on how the company is doing, says Ms. Kirsti Laasio.

Operating in 120 countries and utilized by over 4,000 organizations, HappyOrNot’s database has grown to over a half billion feedbacks. “We have tremendous insights on customer satisfaction across industries. The data can be applied as national and international benchmarks,” Laasio points out. For example, the best airport service is experienced on Wednesdays before noon, whereas Saturday afternoons are peak times for frustrated travellers. “Thanks to the real-time reporting, companies can better plan their staffing and physical work stations,” Laasio explains. “Optimization translates into cost savings.”

The impressive clientele list includes leading global brands like IKEA, McDonald’s, United Airlines, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and London Heathrow Airport, some of which also collect feedback on the employee satisfaction levels. “Many companies utilize the results as key performance indicators and tie them to company bonuses,” Laasio reveals.

The feedback collecting Smileys are an ideal way of surveying customer satisfaction in multicultural environments such as airports and border controls. According to Laasio, the biggest growth for HappyOrNot currently stems from North America with a strong service culture. “Conquering Asia,” she replies when asked about the next steps in the future.

The physical Smiley Terminal is wireless and quick to install. The service is provided as a SaaS model, with reporting software for easy result analysis. “Our service is for continuous KPI measurement along the customer path, regardless of the company size or industry,” Laasio concludes.

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