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Evac on land and sea: Architectural treasures and modern cruise ships alike use Evac waste disposal technologies from Finland. Photos: Evac Group

Leading the world in waste logistics

The world’s most innovative solutions provider in waste logistics
calls Finland a home. Whether it is a 17th century Italian architectural masterpiece or a modern cruise vessel carrying 8,000 passengers and crew, the technology of Evac is behind them both.

Text: Scott Diel

Maritime independence, architectural wonders

Evac’s advanced wastewater treatment technologies match municipal wastewater treatment systems for effluent quality, making large maritime vessels sustainable operations, giving them freedom to operate totally independently of port facilities.

On land, the compactness of Evac technology makes it ideal for the preservation of historic structures, as well as enabling maximum flexibility in the design and construction of lightweight modern architectural wonders. Evac products serve Ponte Vecchio, Italy’s oldest bridge, yet they are also found in ultra-modern, energy-efficient structures like Sydney’s new Cbus Property flagship office.

Evac’s total waste management system can be found aboard the world’s largest cruise vessels like the Oasis. The systems include vacuum systems, wastewater treatment, dry- and wet waste treatment, fresh water production, and automation systems.
Pioneers in waste treatment

Evac products are currently utilized on more than 20,000 marine projects and in more than 2,000 land-based projects. Evac, a 40-year-old, Finland based international cleantech company with a presence on four continents, is a pioneer of vacuum technology and total waste management.

Evac CEO Tomi Gardemeister

When one of Evac’s key components is employed on a maritime vessel, it enables the purification of 99 percent of all wastewater generated on a cruise ship, the rest treated by Evac’s wet waste system, making a vessel truly sustainable.”Evac is an innovative cleantech solutions provider, “says Mika Karjalainen, Evac’s COO. “We develop and provide the best technologies and engineer them to meet our customer’s demands for marine vessels or special buildings.”

We enable sustainability

“Our mission is to have the broadest product offering and to cover all environmental needs in one single package. We offer the largest international service base with great after-sales service”, says Karjalainen.

As environmental legislation to protect the oceans becomes stricter, and as the building industry seeks new possibilities in the lightweight construction, Evac expects to see even more growth.

“Order backlog is three times bigger than a year ago and the turnover is close to 100 Million euros,” says Evac Group CEO Tomi Gardemeister.

The growth speaks to the fact that Evac is serving a critical market need. “But more than that, I’m pleased that our technology serves the environment and contributes to a truly sustainable future”, Gardemeister adds.

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