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Bridge Impact utilizes the SpenglerFox global network to source talent for Life Sciences

As a member of the SpenglerFox affiliate network, and with the full support of their Life Sciences Practice Group who helps large multinationals as well as mid and small-sized companies in finding and growing talent ­globally, the Finnish capability company Bridge Impact has been successfully connecting local hiring managers in the Life Sciences sector with an international talent pool.

Bridge Impact acknowledges the urgent need for talent in the Life Sciences industry sectors, not just in Finland but internationally. The company’s Finland-based search consultants radically grew their international capabilities after joining the SpenglerFox global alliance last year.

“Together with our strong international network, we are able to identify and have access to a sufficient pool of candidates with the right capabilities, especially in the Life Sciences sector. We look much deeper than just the set of skills,” says Tuomo Varila from Bridge Impact, and refers to their Capability Design™ method.

”The Life Science industry is very much international and there is a scarcity of talent in this sector locally. With the help of our global network, we are able to identify talent from anywhere in the world. Biotech is a thriving business sector, especially in Finland,” says Lone Rørvig, a member of SpenglerFox EMEA Life Sciences Practice Group.

Identifying the unobvious potential

Originally a hospital nurse, Lone has held senior commercial roles during her professional career, working with multinational pharma and medical device companies in Denmark, and across the Middle East and Africa regions. In 2011 she switched into headhunting and is utilizing her strong professional background and cultural sensitivity to embrace all markets.

Péter Szabó, Head of Affiliates at SpenglerFox, points out that head-hunters typically are quite versatile and have experience across multiple industries, able to provide unique insights into specific industry practices. In addition to his executive management duties at SpenglerFox, Péter also actively serves in the company’s Life Science and Industrial Practice Groups.

According to Péter, an experienced consultant understands the nuances of the industries they are engaged in on a daily basis and are able to connect the dots. Like gems, talent is often hidden from plain sight and are found in non-obvious places. “Sure, any search consultant can create a list of candidates based on their current titles and notes. However, without industry expertise, much of the hidden talent will remain unobvious to the untrained eye. It is this unapparent potential that, in many cases, make the difference between success and failure.”

Curiosity towards Finland

Apart from speaking the same language as the hiring manager as well as the candidates, a search consultant must be curious and interested in the human being. Lone Rørvig highlights that it is usually much easier to find expertise than it is to find a cultural fit. Even the Nordic countries are very different from each other. This is why working together with local partners, who have an ear to the ground every day and understand cultural viewpoints, is essential. “It is striking to observe how the respective governments across the Nordic region support the Life Sciences sector in different ways. For example, in Finland, there is a true willingness from the regulatory side to support the biotech area. That makes the whole industry very curious towards Finland,” Lone adds.

Bridge Impact offers Finnish Life Sciences companies access to a global talent pool and industry expertise. Tuomo Varila urges Finnish companies to broaden their views for international opportunities. “We are able to deliver an agile and flexible international talent pool.”

Péter Szabó highlights that within the SpenglerFox global alliance, their Life Sciences Practice Group is a key contributor to the overall business. “We serve companies globally; this is our competitive edge. With our specialized experts around the world, we will find you the talent you need, wherever you need them.”

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