Why risk your clients’ and personnel’s health when you can fight back with ISKU+ antimicrobial design furniture?

There is an increased need for microbially safe furniture in today’s world where drug resistant bacteria and new forms of viruses are spreading rapidly. Taking care of health issues can be smooth when your partner is Isku Interior, a company from Finland with sales offices in the Nordics, Baltics, Poland, Russia & CIS countries as well as in the Middle East.

”We have a long tradition in furnishing hospitals and health care units so we know what we are doing,” says Isku Health Marketing Manager Ms. Anne Laitinen. ”Practically all our designs can be offered as antimicrobial.”

Health can also mean stylish design shows Anne Laitinen. Photos: Pekka Tarmio

”We are concentrating in critical meeting hubs where antimicrobial safety is worth investing in – whether public or private environments: waiting rooms, reception desks, conference rooms etc. Also, people with poor condition or immunity stand out, hence schools, nursing homes are also typical pinpoints,” Laitinen says.

”The payback time of ISKU+ solution is just 2-4 months”

80% of the infectious illnesses are transmitted through surfaces or skin contact. ”With our furniture we talk about whole antimicrobial culture. The best results are reached when regular cleaning and hand hygiene is combined with antimicrobial surfaces,” Laitinen points out. ”The payback time of ISKU+ solution is just 2-4 months considering the decreased amount of sick leaves and treatments.”

So what actually makes Isku furniture antimicrobial? ”There is not just one but three methods which all are long-term, functioning 24/7 and don’t wash or wear away,” Laitinen initialises.

And the results? Anne Laitinen refers to a bunch of studies and is happy to tell more. Just two examples here: 60% less infections in hospitals and 20% less sick leaves in schools over the academic year. |

Anne Laitinen 
Product Marketing Manager, Isku Health
+358 50 436 7050

Geir Elind
Country Sales Manager, Norway
+47 990 977 94
Isku Interiør AS

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