Chief Marketing Officer Susanna Takkunen says that the secret of a radiant look is the combination of light and water. Photo: Vitali Gusatinsky/Presser Oy

Beauty born of light

Finnish skincare and cosmetics brand glows with a new light. Lumene skincare harnesses the power of the Arctic light cycle to illuminate skin with a radiant glow.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

The market leading skincare and cosmetics brand in Finland, Lumene, launched the international success story in the mid-2000’s. “Lumene became internationally known in the early 2000’s through the launch of its Vitamin C-day cream. This is when we entered the US market”, states Chief Marketing Officer Susanna Takkunen. The trusted Finnish brand of 46 years has presence in several different countries, including Finland, Sweden, Russia and the US. Now Lumene is rejuvenating the image and product lines, especially the international audience in mind.

It all starts with light

“The raw materials of our products have grown in the wild Nordic nature and their power is based on not only their incredible ability to survive in very harsh temperature conditions but also due to the unique annual light cycle in the Arctic — which is totally exceptional in the world. The Nordic plants have evolved to absorb and channel high levels of intense sunlight during the summer periods, when the sun does not set at all, producing high concentrations of nutrients and potent antioxidants”, Takkunen explains.
“The purer the water, the more gentle the products are for your skin.”
In the new refreshed packaging, this unique light cycle is symbolized by a wheel of light symbol, which will become a core asset of all brand communications going forward.

The importance of water

Lumene harnesses the arctic rare elixirs combining them with pure spring water and carefully selected nature-identical ingredients to create powerful, radiance-boosting skincare.

Takkunen stresses the importance of water in skin care products as an effective carrier of nutrients. “Our water is selected to be close to the skin’s own pH level and is therefore very gentle for the skin.” Lumene utilizes a specific spring in Arctic Finnish Lapland, where the water is extremely pure and clean.

Just as water is a transparent element, there is readiness to create transparency with the brand. “The new packaging clearly labels the percentage of natural ingredients. Our aim is to develop products with a high level of naturally derived ingredients without compromising on product safety and efficacy. I believe today’s conscious consumer will appreciate this”, Takkunen concludes.

Susanna’s tips for air passengers:

    moisturizing facial spray, sized to be taken along on flights and

  1. Lumene Lähde Pure Arctic Hydration Spring Water Mist is a 100 ml sprayed on the face throughout the day.
  2. Lumene Lähde Hydration Recovery Oxygenating Gel Mask moisturizes the skin after flights.
  3. Intensely hydrating and nourishing, Lumene Lähde Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream preps your skin before an overnight flight.

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