GreenEnergy Finland delivered the largest solar power plant in Finland to Helen Ltd in April 2016. Located in the Kivikko district of Helsinki, the plant has a capacity of 852.75 kWp. Photo: GEF

Can sunshine save the world (and help your business)?

Solar power, mixed with a little Finnish engineering ingenuity, is good for Planet Earth and cost-efficient companies, according to GreenEnergy Finland.

Text: Sami Sallinen

“It needs just 14.5 seconds of sunshine to run the whole planet for 24 hours if we can convert the sun’s electromagnetic radiation into electricity. Harnessing the potential of solar energy is therefore one of the most important tasks for humankind in the future.”

This is the compelling argument for solar power put forward by Miko Huomo, CEO of GreenEnergy Finland, a premium supplier of solar energy solutions to companies and private customers. The company’s products and solutions are built on a cloud-based software platform which enables control, visualization and energy storage applications that integrate smart grid functionalities in distributed energy production.

“In addition to high-quality solar inverters and panels, GreenEnergy Finland also has the expertise and long-term perspective to offer much more. We are a systems provider that develops the intelligent applications and complex solutions used to manage energy production and consumption in the future,” says Huomo.

So far this has been an inspirational year for the fast-growing market leader of the Finnish solar energy sector. In April 2016, GreenEnergy Finland delivered the largest solar power plant in Finland, consisting of 2992 high-efficiency panels (285Wp). The output is fed to Helen Ltd, owned by the City of Helsinki, which is responsible for distribution in the region.

Miko Huomo, CEO of GreenEnergy Finland

In June, GreenEnergy Finland attracted a EUR 1 million private equity investment to add to the EUR 2.5 million it has already raised to fund its in-house product development and international expansion plans. Then in September, the company was selected to represent Finland in The European Business Awards which showcases Europe’s most dynamic companies.

“The growth potential is vast. Solar energy is clean, silent and doesn’t smell or taste or look bad. As the technologies for energy storage, distribution and related infrastructure become ever more efficient, I strongly believe that solar power will be the most sensible and important source of power for the planet. And I say this as an engineer who has also done the math.”

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