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Tackling global food waste with Nordic know-how and cutting-edge technology

RELEX Solutions has managed to harness cutting-edge research, Nordic high-tech and a get-things-done attitude. Thus the Finnish company has achieved some great results in reducing the world’s food waste. The company is now taking off internationally, in a powerful way.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

Food waste is a global challenge and the big picture is the same, regardless of the country. Food retail sales are strongly campaign-driven everywhere, which poses major challenges for preparedness. This in turn affects the amount of wastage.

“According to our calculations, if every Western European and North American company would adopt the RELEX system, the savings from the wasted food would correspond to the annual food production of Canada,” says Tuomo Pesonen, the COO of RELEX Solutions.

“This is a stimulating business and the growth appears to be accelerating”, says COO Tuomo Pesonen.

For better availability and against wasting food

RELEX Solutions was founded by three Finnish retail logistics researchers from Aalto University. “We have very strong roots in research and therefore our technical solutions are a globally unique combination of technology and the latest research in the field,” Pesonen says. During its ten-year operation, RELEX Solutions has succeeded in achieving a strong hold on the largest retail challenges: better product availability and a reduction in food waste. “Our solutions enable our clients to reduce waste significantly. By automating demand, forecasting and replenishment, our clients are optimizing their inventory levels which enhances sales and reduces waste. The results are immediate”, says Pesonen, explaining the details of the system.

A Nordic DNA with a global reach

The concept developed by the company has been proven to work, and RELEX is currently Europe’s fastest growing developer of supply chain management. Pesonen explains, “We have a strong Nordic DNA, which is reflected in everything we do: we do what we promise, and the value of our company is weighed according to the business gains achieved by the clients. On this basis, we have succeeded in the global arena, and we believe this attitude will successfully carry us forward into the future.”

”The savings from the wasted food would correspond to the annual food production of Canada.”

Over the past year, RELEX has opened up offices in Italy, France, and the United States. “The service offerings have recently expanded after acquiring Galleria Retail Technology Solutions, based in the UK, who provides cutting-edge, space and assortment management solutions to retailers and suppliers that are leaders in the industry.”

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