Tampere – Gateway to inland Finland

A total redevelopment of the Tampere region shows the Finns don’t do things by halves.

Tampere is in the middle of an impressive drive for growth. After Helsinki, the area is Finland’s second largest region, and it has become an attractive proposition for investors. In addition to three highly rated universities, around two-thirds of Finland’s economic activity is concentrated within a two-hour drive from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. It is estimated that Tampere city-centre’s population will grow by 23 percent by 2030. To prepare for this, the region will invest €6 billion in the coming years, with a large amount of capital going into Tampere-Pirkkala Airport transportation development work.

“We’re trying to encourage leisure flight and tour operators to add charter services from Tampere”

Marja Aalto is director of air transportation development at Business Tampere.

Ms. Marja Aalto, director of air transportation development for the Tampere Region economic development agency Business Tampere, has the intention to make Tampere-Pirkkala the gateway airport for Inland Finland.

“We’re focusing on making our hub stations –Helsinki-Vantaa, Stockholm-Arlanda and Riga International – sustainable and strong. At the same we’re trying to encourage leisure flight and tour operators to add charter services from Tampere. The long-term goal is to make Tampere a stable and attractive destination for airlines to fly direct scheduled flights to from all over Europe.”

Part of Aalto’s plan manifests itself in Business Tampere’s travel-chain initiative. “We are going to make travelling easier and faster by improving the travel chain between Tampere-Pirkkala and other surrounding regions”, she says. Aalto hopes this plan will make it easier for people to use their closest airport for direct flights to Europe, while allowing tourists from Europe to find their way to central parts of Finland fast and easily.

Inland Finland’s mix of urban nature, fun locations and cool activities make it great destination for any traveller. With its cultural events, festivals and theatres, it’s worth visiting at any time of year. There are big investments lined up for the region’s transport links, so Europe is about to discover why Tampere is known as Finland’s hidden gem.

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